Pinnacle 3 Day Jumpstart

3 Day Jumpstart

HEY! Your Pinnacle is calling!!!  Join us for a 3-Day Jumpstart

What is it? Our 3 Day Jumpstart is a great way to test drive our incredible nutrition and get results using our 3 Day Trial Pack for just $25. If you are already an at-home nutrition customer, you can join for extra support and accountability too for just $5! For new customers, our trial pack includes 6 Super-food Healthy Meal Shake Packets & 3 Days of Accelerators to make at home. If you would rather purchase daily shakes and teas at Pinnacle, ask us how! Our 3 Day Resets start EVERY MONDAY.

The 3 Day Jumpstart goes like this…..

Monday - Weigh-In. You can do this at Pinnacle or at home. Take a picture of your feet and the scale number and send it to your coach by 12pm.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - Post your shakes, snacks and meal as pictures in our 3 Day Jumpstart Facebook Page. Make sure to friend your coach (the person who put you in the reset and they will add you to the page.) If you miss posting, you may not qualify for the cash pot. This is also a great way to stay accountable - so plug into the magic and commit to an awesome 3 days to “jumpstart” some healthy habits. There are also some really good resources and ideas posted on this page too!

Breakfast - Healthy Meal Shake (packets included in trial pack)

Snack - 100 Calorie Protein Snack - low sugar

Lunch - Healthy Meal Shake (packets included in trial pack)

Snack - 100 Calorie Protein Snack - low sugar

Meal - Healthy Balanced Dinner! Work on portion control and healthy choices - lower in sodium and less processed.

PLUS one accelerator/day (tea or total control, located in your trial pack)

AND loads of fresh water! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! 

Optional Activity/Workouts - We suggest adding in 30 minutes or more of movement each day! Use this time to recharge your batteries doing something active you love or start to get into the groove of a new workout routine. If you need suggestions, ask your coach for help! They love what they do - helping YOU get happy and healthy.

Thursday - Weigh-Out. You will do this the same way you weighed-in on Monday. 

Thursday Night - Payout Zoom Call at 8:30 pm! Join us from anywhere on a quick call outlining the winner, congratulations and possible next steps if you want to keep going! You must be on the call to be eligible to win the cash pot.

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